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Our telecoms training can be delivered in several different ways, depending upon the needs and background of the attendees, and the depth of coverage required.

Course Materials

All course materials are provided in full-colour, and each attendee receives a ring binder containing the course notes, as well as a Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the course materials. Whichever delivery approach is taken, we make all arrangements for the management of the class.

Instructor Led Course Delivery

Our instructor led delivery follows closely the published course notes, and typically includes example configurations and screen captures embedded within these, so that attendees can relate the principles explained to real-world equipment and tasks. A typical example of this might be some analysis of a VoIP call based upon recorded traces.

Instructor Led Courses with Demos

In demonstration-based delivery our instructors use live equipment to demonstrate key aspects of the training. Particularly for technical staff, this is a highly effective means of training, and relates the topics being covered to their practical experience. A typical example of this might be the configuration of a VoIP terminal to make calls to the PSTN, the live capture of these calls, and an analysis of the captured data at the front of the class. We provide all equipment necessary for demonstrations.

Instructor Led Courses: Hands-On

Hands-on delivery embeds practical exercises for the attendees throughout the class. Typically attendees spend around 30 50 % of their time in class working with equipment. This is a highly effective method of delivery where specific skills are to be learnt and tested, for example for staff from operations or customer support. A typical example of a hands-on exercise might be attendees configuring and trouble-shooting a VoIP system within the classroom, and making voice quality measurements of their calls using captured data.

Distance Learning Courses

We can deliver classroom-based training using distance learning techniques, when the cost or inconvenience of travel makes this a more suitable alternative. Attendees follow training material in real time, and have an audio/video link to the main classroom/training centre. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements if this is of interest.

Senior Management Briefings

These briefings are typically carried out on a 1-2-1 basis with a senior manager, or a small group of managers, and often combine commercial and competitive aspects as well as explanations of the technology, networks and services involved. The 1-2-1 approach allows us to be more flexible in the use of the time available as the session develops. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements if this is of interest.

What customers say...

"...a huge knowledge of the subject, and explains things superbly..."

SR, Ericsson

"Instructor could answer any question...would gladly recommend strongly"

MT, UK Government

" we received from colleagues was very positive: instructor, quality, materials, content and facilities. Thank you..."

VC, Hewlett Packard

"CD really helpful"

DH, UK Government

"Very informative, and able to build on knowledge gained"

KM, Ascom Wireless Services

"...presenter had excellent knowledge..."

PD, TalkTalk

"...the NGOSS course was a complete sucess...thank you..."

RG, Hewlett Packard

"...knew his subject in depth, with technical knowledge to add..."

GD, Smith Barney

"It was a very revealing session. It delivered perfectly on my expectations"

BD, DDB Lagos

"Instructor really made a technical subject understandable..."

MT, UK Government

"...really informative..."

KA, Dimension Data

"Very well explained, and made it make sense to a newcomer to telecoms"

SG, Home Group

"...excellent instructor!"

TR, Ericsson Services Limited

"Very knowledgeable"

CH, UK Government

"(Instructor) knowledge excellent, and everyone had fun"

JP, Ascom Wireless Services

" excellent instructor..."

DR, BT Group

"....excellent overview of all the technologies."

MM, Siemens

" to customise to our requirements in short order....very impressed..."

KP, Central Government

"Really enjoyed the course..."

YD, Virgin Media

"Nice and informative introductory course"

CO, MTN Nigeria

"Very knowledgeable...have learnt much more than I expected..."

DH, UK Government

"...very well delivered by a technically able and enthusiastic instructor..."

PK, Vodafone Group

"Many thanks for a wonderful course...I thoroughly enjoyed it..."

ND, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

"...Thank you, excellent presentation of course..."

LK, Ericsson

"A good start to understanding the NGOSS framework"


"...a well run event, thank you."

PM, Orange

"Really useful! Helped to meet my work objectives"

KP, Virgin Media

"...very interesting, useful and informative."

PS, Intelsat

"Very interesting, and instructor happy to adapt to my needs. Thank you"

PL, Digitalk

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