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Understanding the Requirements

Following an enquiry about a customised telecoms training course, one of our instructors who is qualified in your areas of interest will meet with you, in person or on the phone, to understand your requirements fully. We will then make a training proposal to include any development, and all production, logistics and delivery of the necessary training. Once you're completely happy with our proposal, we can move on to development.

Putting the Pieces Together

We maintain a large set of training modules that form the foundation of our training courses. How we develop and produce these modules allows us to integrate them together in very flexible ways, together with new content specific to particular clients. By taking this approach we ensure that attendees get the maximum benefit from their time in class, and the most up to the minute content available anywhere.

Competitive Tenders

For larger programmes of training we are happy to respond to Requests For Information and/or Quotations (RFI/RFQ), and Invitations To Tender (ITT). To learn more about our unique integrated approach to telecoms training, read the following article.

Our Areas of Expertise

We integrate training programmes covering all of the following areas:

  • Broadband Access Networks, including xDSL, Gigabit Ethernet, WLL, Multiservice Access Nodes (MSANs), Metro-Ethernet and VSATs
  • Voice networks and services, including SIP, TISPAN, IMS and Softswitching architectures, and their inter-working with conventional TDM-based networks and services using BICC, SIP-T and SIP-I
  • IP Networks and Services, including routing and switching using OSPF and VLANs, IP peering using BGP-4, and IP QoS techniques including Differentiated and Integrated Services
  • MPLS, MPLS-based VPN and VLAN solutions applied to customer services, and MPLS-TE applied to core network engineering, such as BT's 21CN initiative
  • IP Security Services including security awareness training, risk assessment, and the major security protocols, such as IPSec, SSL, TLS and SSH
  • Convergence Networks and Services, including FMI, IPTV and triple-play and quadruple-play solutions
  • Mobile Networks including GPRS, 3GPP-based and 3GPP2-based networks, and services including IMS
  • IT Architectures and Technologies, including NGOSS, TOGAF and other Enterprise Architectures applied to Telecoms
  • Business and Regulatory Training, including Telecoms Management, Competition, Business Planning and Regulatory Frameworks in Europe, the UK and Elsewhere. Also Product Development and Management.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements for customised training.

What customers say...

" excellent instructor..."

DR, BT Group

"...knew his subject in depth, with technical knowledge to add..."

GD, Smith Barney

"It was a very revealing session. It delivered perfectly on my expectations"

BD, DDB Lagos

"...excellent instructor!"

TR, Ericsson Services Limited

"...a well run event, thank you."

PM, Orange

"Really useful! Helped to meet my work objectives"

KP, Virgin Media

"Very informative, and able to build on knowledge gained"

KM, Ascom Wireless Services

"Very interesting, and instructor happy to adapt to my needs. Thank you"

PL, Digitalk

"Instructor could answer any question...would gladly recommend strongly"

MT, UK Government

"...a huge knowledge of the subject, and explains things superbly..."

SR, Ericsson

"....excellent overview of all the technologies."

MM, Siemens

"A good start to understanding the NGOSS framework"


"...Thank you, excellent presentation of course..."

LK, Ericsson

" we received from colleagues was very positive: instructor, quality, materials, content and facilities. Thank you..."

VC, Hewlett Packard

"...really informative..."

KA, Dimension Data

"...very well delivered by a technically able and enthusiastic instructor..."

PK, Vodafone Group

"Very knowledgeable...have learnt much more than I expected..."

DH, UK Government

"CD really helpful"

DH, UK Government

"Many thanks for a wonderful course...I thoroughly enjoyed it..."

ND, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

"Instructor really made a technical subject understandable..."

MT, UK Government

" to customise to our requirements in short order....very impressed..."

KP, Central Government

"...presenter had excellent knowledge..."

PD, TalkTalk

"...very interesting, useful and informative."

PS, Intelsat

"(Instructor) knowledge excellent, and everyone had fun"

JP, Ascom Wireless Services

"...the NGOSS course was a complete sucess...thank you..."

RG, Hewlett Packard

"Nice and informative introductory course"

CO, MTN Nigeria

"Really enjoyed the course..."

YD, Virgin Media

"Very knowledgeable"

CH, UK Government

"Very well explained, and made it make sense to a newcomer to telecoms"

SG, Home Group

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