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End-to-End Process Flow

End-to-End Process Flow

End-to-end process flow includes all sub-processes and activities and the sequence required to accomplish the goals of the process. Note that the top-level views of eTOM do NOT show end-to-end process flow since there is no indication of sequence. The eTOM shows End-to-end Process Groupings (see definition below) The End-to-End, Customer Processes recognized in eTOM are generic sequences of activities that need to occur in the enterprise to achieve desired results. (i.e. they are not specific to a particular ICSP Business, Product, Channel or Technology). eTOM does not direct or constrain the way End-to-end Processes can be implemented, rather it only guides the definition of standardized Process Elements to be used within the enterprise. In this way Process Elements can be assembled for a specific service provider?s End-to-end Process requirements. eTOM does not mandate a single way the Process Elements should be organized or sequenced to create End-to-end Processes

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