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International Mobile Telecommunications-2000

International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) are third generation mobile systems which are scheduled to start service around the year 2000 subject to market considerations. They will provide access, by means of one or more radio links, to a wide range of telecommunication services supported by the fixed telecommunication networks (e.g., public switched telephone network/integrated services digital network (PSTN/ISDN)), and to other services, which are specific to mobile users. A range of mobile terminal types is encompassed, linking to terrestrial or satellite based networks, and the terminals may be designed for mobile or fixed use. Key features of IMT-2000 are: ? incorporation of a variety of systems; ? high degree of commonality of design world wide; ? compatibility of services within IMT-2000 and with the fixed networks; ? high service quality; ? use of a small pocket terminal world wide

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