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Introduction to TOGAF

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework for Enterprise Architecture which provides a comprehensive approach to the design, planning, implementation, and governance of an enterprise information architecture...

The architecture is typically modelled at four levels or domains; Business, Application, Data, Technology. A set of foundation architectures are provided to enable the architecture team to envision the current and future state of the architecture.

The TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) explains how to derive an organization-specific enterprise architecture that addresses business requirements. The ADM provides a reliable, proven way of developing the architecture; architecture views which enable the architect to ensure that a complex set of requirements are adequately addressed; linkages to practical case studies; and guidelines on tools for architecture development.

A framework provides a taxonomy for relating the concepts that describe the real world to the concepts that describe an information system and its implementation.

TOGAF has been developed by the Architecture Forum of The Open Group and has continuously evolved since the mid-90s. The latest version is 8.1.1, which is documented in detail in TOGAF 8.1 Enterprise Edition. The Architecture Forum is currently working on TOGAF 9, which will be the next version of the three major TOGAF components Architecture Development Method (ADM), Enterprise Continuum and Resource Base.

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