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MPLS Pseudowires, VPNs and VPLS

Key Information

  • Level: Advanced (Level 3)
  • Duration: 2 Day Course
  • Delivery: Instructor led with demos
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Familiarity with the operation of IP and/or ATM and MPLS networks is useful but not required.

Outline and Objectives:

MPLS-based VPNs have largely replaced traditional point-to-point VPN services such as Frame Relay over the last several years, and there is much interest in the new MPLS-based VLAN services. This course gives a comprehensive treatment of both approaches, and also deals with design and implementation issues such as controlling VPN topology, scalability and resilience of VLAN services, and defining and implementing end-to-end quality of service.

Who Should Attend:

This course is aimed at IT staff in customer organizations, product managers, engineers, operations staff in service provider organizations, and anyone who needs to understand in detail the architecture, operation and design of MPLS VPNs and MPLS VPLS, and how these are typically integrated in real-world networks.

Course Contents:

  • IP Core Technology Review
  • MPLS Core Technology Review
  • MPLS IP-VPN Architecture
  • VRFs and MP-BGP for Customer Routing
  • Route Targets to control VPN Topology
  • Routing Options between Provider and Customer
  • Internet and Extranet Implementations
  • Scaling MPLS VPNs using BGP Route Reflectors
  • MPLS Design and Implementation Issues
  • MPLS VPLS Architecture
  • Spanning Tree Variants in MPLS VPLS
  • Integration of Metro Ethernet and VPLS
  • QoS Techniques in MPLS Networks

What customers say...

"...a huge knowledge of the subject, and explains things superbly..."

SR, Ericsson

"Instructor really made a technical subject understandable..."

MT, UK Government

"....excellent overview of all the technologies."

MM, Siemens

"CD really helpful"

DH, UK Government

"Really enjoyed the course..."

YD, Virgin Media

"Very knowledgeable...have learnt much more than I expected..."

DH, UK Government

"...Thank you, excellent presentation of course..."

LK, Ericsson

"...the NGOSS course was a complete sucess...thank you..."

RG, Hewlett Packard

"...very well delivered by a technically able and enthusiastic instructor..."

PK, Vodafone Group

"...a well run event, thank you."

PM, Orange

"...excellent instructor!"

TR, Ericsson Services Limited

" excellent instructor..."

DR, BT Group

"Very interesting, and instructor happy to adapt to my needs. Thank you"

PL, Digitalk

"A good start to understanding the NGOSS framework"


"Really useful! Helped to meet my work objectives"

KP, Virgin Media

"...knew his subject in depth, with technical knowledge to add..."

GD, Smith Barney

"Many thanks for a wonderful course...I thoroughly enjoyed it..."

ND, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

"(Instructor) knowledge excellent, and everyone had fun"

JP, Ascom Wireless Services

"It was a very revealing session. It delivered perfectly on my expectations"

BD, DDB Lagos

"...very interesting, useful and informative."

PS, Intelsat

"Very well explained, and made it make sense to a newcomer to telecoms"

SG, Home Group

"Course fully related to the work we do. Found Nagios user friendly..."

AL, UK Government

"Nice and informative introductory course"

CO, MTN Nigeria

" to customise to our requirements in short order....very impressed..."

KP, Central Government

"Very informative, and able to build on knowledge gained"

KM, Ascom Wireless Services

"...really informative..."

KA, Dimension Data

"Instructor could answer any question...would gladly recommend strongly"

MT, UK Government

"Really great, thanks very much"

IW, Cable and Wireless

"...presenter had excellent knowledge..."

PD, TalkTalk

" we received from colleagues was very positive: instructor, quality, materials, content and facilities. Thank you..."

VC, Hewlett Packard

"Very knowledgeable"

CH, UK Government

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