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Successful Business Cases: Hands-On

Key Information

  • Level: Intermediate (Level 2)
  • Duration: 3 Day Course
  • Delivery: Instructor led with hands-on
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Familiarity with key marketing principles, particularly use of tools such as PEST, TOWS, segmentation. Also some understanding of marketing mix.

Outline and Objectives:

  • To demonstrate and practice a practical approach to developing successful business cases through a 3 step process
  • To develop outline business cases for at least 1 new product or service the firm can approve for further development and take forward.
  • Hands-on use of marketing practices in a controlled and coached environment

The course creates a framework for building a business cases from initial concept to approval for full development. It ties together the marketing aspects with strategic justification and the importance of stakeholder engagement to identify and optimise the opportunity whilst minimizing the risk.

This course is highly beneficial to growing organisations that have ad hoc development processes seeking to create a formal methodology to ensure best use of company resources, diligent selection of best development opportunities and whole business alignment without creating bureaucracy.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone involved directly in the process of bringing ideas for new products and services to market, such as product marketing, product management, business development, or product strategy. Also suitable for non-marketers who are involved as key stakeholders in the development process

Course Contents:

  • Drivers of product & service development: product life cycle, external influences, stakeholders,
  • What to develop for where and why? Product life cycles, BCG & Ansoff matrices, competitive strategies
  • Why formalise the development process? Impact of uncontrolled development and benefits of a formal process. Sources of innovation & capturing ideas.
  • Market analyses: macro, micro, PEST, 5 forces (team exercise)
  • Bringing together the external and internal (TOWS, capability assessment, including team exercise)
  • Competing for resources; internal stakeholder analysis (optional exercise), importance of the business case, development funnel.
  • The business case process: idea to approval, developing a proposal, stakeholder management and engagement, supplementary documents, Product Requirements Document
  • Outline Business Case: initial view from market research, competitor analysis (optional exercise), high level segmentation for market opportunity quantification, financial justification, strategic fit, value proposition. (main practical exercise)
  • Presentation of Outline Business Cases to Development Board.
  • Full Business Case: using segmentation, financial requirements, assumptions, value proposition, identifying touch points (team exercise), development methodology.

What customers say...

"(Instructor) knowledge excellent, and everyone had fun"

JP, Ascom Wireless Services

"Very well explained, and made it make sense to a newcomer to telecoms"

SG, Home Group

"Very informative, and able to build on knowledge gained"

KM, Ascom Wireless Services

"CD really helpful"

DH, UK Government

"Very knowledgeable"

CH, UK Government

"...very interesting, useful and informative."

PS, Intelsat

"Really enjoyed the course..."

YD, Virgin Media

"...knew his subject in depth, with technical knowledge to add..."

GD, Smith Barney

"....excellent overview of all the technologies."

MM, Siemens

"Very interesting, and instructor happy to adapt to my needs. Thank you"

PL, Digitalk

"Nice and informative introductory course"

CO, MTN Nigeria

"...a huge knowledge of the subject, and explains things superbly..."

SR, Ericsson

"...presenter had excellent knowledge..."

PD, TalkTalk

" we received from colleagues was very positive: instructor, quality, materials, content and facilities. Thank you..."

VC, Hewlett Packard

"Instructor really made a technical subject understandable..."

MT, UK Government

"Instructor could answer any question...would gladly recommend strongly"

MT, UK Government

" excellent instructor..."

DR, BT Group

"Really great, thanks very much"

IW, Cable and Wireless

"Course fully related to the work we do. Found Nagios user friendly..."

AL, UK Government

"A good start to understanding the NGOSS framework"


"...excellent instructor!"

TR, Ericsson Services Limited

" to customise to our requirements in short order....very impressed..."

KP, Central Government

"...Thank you, excellent presentation of course..."

LK, Ericsson

"Really useful! Helped to meet my work objectives"

KP, Virgin Media

"...a well run event, thank you."

PM, Orange

"...the NGOSS course was a complete sucess...thank you..."

RG, Hewlett Packard

"Many thanks for a wonderful course...I thoroughly enjoyed it..."

ND, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

"...really informative..."

KA, Dimension Data

"It was a very revealing session. It delivered perfectly on my expectations"

BD, DDB Lagos

"...very well delivered by a technically able and enthusiastic instructor..."

PK, Vodafone Group

"Very knowledgeable...have learnt much more than I expected..."

DH, UK Government

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