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Training Matched to the Business Need for Telcos

Conventional technical training for telcos focuses on the network; but often the real training need is to address the whole vertical stack used by the business: Networks, OSS/BSS, Process and Organisation...,

This typical training is centred on network elements and architectures, for example the SIP protocol, the IMS network elements which use it, and the call flows between these elements.

From a service provider perspective, this gives a useful, but very partial training solution. Service providers structure their business in terms of products, organisations, processes, BSS/OSS systems and networks. The conventional training described above addresses only the network layer of the solution. Once the overall system is considered, the true problem to be addressed becomes clear; it becomes a multi-vendor system which remains highly specialised to the individual operator, and with training needed on each of these key domains.

We specialise in training centred upon the organisations, roles and processes to be carried out in the service provider organisation, rather than in vendor products or basic technologies. Of course we have ample expertise and course content at the network and OSS/BSS layers; this acts as the foundation of our training material. But our unique value lies in mapping the organisation and process domains onto this technical training to give an overall training solution.

We use the NGOSS, 3GPP and TISPAN architectures as a framework for creating this overall solution and for customising it to individual operators. This is best understood by considering a simple example, such as providing a new instance of a service on an IMS platform. Achieving this involves several organisations (customer service, billing operations, provisioning, network operations, etc), as well as a process (fulfillment) and many sub-processes (selling, order handling, service configuration, service activation, billing activation, etc), interaction with the OSS/BSS systems implementing these functions (customer databases, service databases, fault and performance management systems, etc), and interaction with the network elements (Serving-CSCF, HSS, application servers, numbering databases, etc). Similar examples could be created for every task in the service provider organisation.

We use a foundation of up-to-date technical content, together with a consultative approach on operator-specific aspects, to develop a fully-integrated programme of system-wide training for all the key teams of people. Our background and expertise lets us carry out this consultative front-end effectively, whereas out-and-out training businesses can't hope to achieve this. The end result is training which dovetails with, rather than replacing, vendor and product-specific training, but also training which can complete the picture. We believe that filling this knowledge and skills gap effectively leads to improved KPIs from product launch, increased customer satisfaction and retention, and improved motivation and performance of staff.

If this approach sounds good to you, contact us for an honest, expert discussion of whether and how we might be able to assist you.

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